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03-17-2013, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyamateur View Post
Okay guys, here it is.

I will try to sum it up.

Petter Thoresen = Coach of Stavanger Oilers.
Petter Salsten = President of the Norwegian ice hockey federation(NIHF).

Hockeynytt: Has there been any official discussions for Stavanger Oilers to join the KHL, and on which level is this discussion?
Vladimir Shalaev: Yes there has been a very serious discussion. They want to join and we see them as a future team to join our league.

Hockeynytt: Have you received an official application from them?
Vladimir Shalaev: I just know that the club and the KHL has been in frequent contact with each other. You must ask Alexander Medvedev, he has the responsibility for these kinds of contact.

Hockeynytt: We feel that you and your associates are interested in the Norwegian market, but we also know that there is talk about other teams from Germany, Italy and Poland. How big of a chance has the Norwegian team compared to the rest?
Vladimir Shalaev: The Norwegian team has big chances, indeed. We look at Norway as a great market with a growing hockey for the past few years. Your national ice hockey federation should be very interested in this.

Hockeynytt: How do you comment on these rumors?
Petter Thoresen: I have said before that we are interested in joining the KHL. It would have been good for the interest and growth of hockey here in Norway. We must have the courage to believe in something bigger, and to join the worlds next best league would be something huge. If we don't believe in this we can't achieve anything.

Hockeynytt: In several European teams in the KHL they have a big part of the national team as rosters, this is something that you want as well?
Petter Thoresen: Of course this would be the optimal solution. The audience would be able to watch the best Norwegian players, and our guys would get the best matching possible. The only problem I see would be the economy.

Hockeynytt: Would the NIHF allow a Norwegian club to leave GET-ligaen to join the KHL?
Petter Salsten: I don't have a direct answer to give you. But we are positive to all kind of European play, be it the European Trophy, a European league, a Scandinavian league, different tournaments, Champions League or the KHL. If we can see a gain in letting a club leave we are positive to it.
Great interview, thank you.

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