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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
the GSP fight is pretty much exactly what you expected it would be i thought... except that diaz wasn't as dominating when they were standing, i thought they were about equal when they were standing... diaz got more body shots in while they were on their feet, but GSP landed a lot more jabs and of course his superman-punches... the ground game wasn't even CLOSE, diaz looked completely lost on the ground and GSP utterly dominated him... i was a little surprised that GSP didn't do a LOT of damage though, outside of the first round when he landed a bunch of side head shots and elbows... diaz's full guard defence was a little better than i was expecting, but he still had no answers for take-downs at all... GSP was successful on probably 75-80% of his take down attempts

i really think the only two things that will stop GSP (outside of a lucky headshot that drops him, which is always a possibility) is: GSPs age catching up with him, or, GPSs own dominance making him take the sport/training lightly for one match
I don't think GSP will take his training lightly. I agree that and and his age are what would potentially lead to a loss but I don't see it happening. He only trained for 3 weeks leading up to the Serra fight and he learned his lesson. He cares too much about his legacy to have another fluke loss on his record.

I was surprised to hear GSP say that he knew Diaz would give up his back but he didn't want to really take it. You'd think he would have tried at least one rear naked choke.

I'm not the type to criticize GSP for not finishing fights. If you didn't know he had that reputation and just watched any of his fights, you'd appreciate how dominant each performance was. With that said, it's the 5th round and he looks up and the clock and he sees there's 10 seconds left and then just tees off on can't help but wonder where that killer instinct was in the previous 24:50. Obviously he's capable of finishing fights. A 25 year old GSP TKO'd Matt Hughes in his prime in the 2nd round(would have been in the 1st round if rounds were 5:10 long). He's a better fighter now...

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