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03-17-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
I don't think all the pieces are in place yet to go all the way. The shorter schedule helps but the benefits will quickly erode in the playoffs.

I'm not overly concerned about our small forwards durability over the long haul. All of them have proven to be consistent and not injury prone. They cycle well and are quick to pucks.

My concern lies with the lack of size on D. We've been very effective moving the puck out of our zone so far, but over a long series I could see our guys getting worn down by aggressive checking and the later hits that they allow in the playoffs. Subban and Markov eat big minutes, but I don't think Markov can keep it up over long series without risking injury. It's nice to give rookies a look but the deeper we go in the playoffs we'll find ourselves needing a a guy to step up and give us 18-20 hard minutes... I don't think that guy is in our system yet, and if we don't get him, that will be our downfall.
Agree completely. So much depends on our D, and as talented as they are, they'll be the first to go down in a long, tiring playoff run. A lot depends on Diaz coming back and staying healthy, and then there are the X-Factors like Tinordi and/or a trade in the next two weeks.

Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
this year is a total crap shoot , it would not be a surprise if we see a Kings type 8th seed do some damage this year

enjoy the ride
100% right. Every year sees an underdog jump up and a sure-thing disappear, but this season feels like the card deck has been reshuffled and the league rebooted. The underdog Habs and Ducks are already at the top, meanwhile old favourites like the Caps, Flyers and even the Canucks seem to be going nowhere. Who's a reasonable underdog right now - St Louis? Detroit? Winnipeg?

We could take any team in the EC, depending on our health.

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