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Originally Posted by Mota View Post
The playoff picture doesnt really look as bad as I thought for the Flyers.

Up until this point, the Flyers opponents all have had the "games in hand"...but when the Pitt game next sunday gets here...the Flyers will actually be tied for games with the Rangers, and have one or two games in hand on WPG, NJ, OTT, and TOR. That is a pretty strange turn of events. Now obviously, if all of those teams have big weeks that could really but an end to the Flyers season...but none of them are exactly playing their best hockey right now.

The one thing the Flyers have going for them is a favorable schedule ahead of them...and not to mention a nice 6 day break with an already healthy team. The only issue is their inconsistent play, which I think most of us dont really see an end to...but you never know.
Actually, looking at the past 10 games, the only team playing worse than the Flyers are the Devils with a 3-5-2 (40%) record and maybe the Maple Laffs at 4-4-2 (50%), as opposed to the Flyers 5-5 record. From a very simplistic standpoint, the Jets are playing at a 75% level and even if they fall to 50%, they'll end at 52 points after their remaining 20 games. Similarly for the Senators, maintaining their current 60% will give them 58 points, for the Leafs 51 and for the Devils 47. In this model, Flyers would end up at 46.

Flyers play 10 of their remaining 19 games at home, 2 of which are against NJ and Ottawa. They also play Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa once each on the road. Best case scenario, they win both home games and one of the road games. Even given that, the best I can imagine looking at the remaining 19 games, is 22 points out of a possible 38 for a year end total of 49. Given their last game was a win against NJ, even if they went 14-6-0 over the last 20 (not impossible), they'd still come in at 55 points, which should put them on the bubble.

Winnipeg and/or Carolina are likely to get in based on winning their division, maybe both make it. Nobody's supplanting Montreal, Pittsburgh and Boston, and very likely Ottawa. I think Buffalo, Washington and Florida are out of it, so there's likely only 2-3 spots remaining for up to 7 teams to fight over. Unfortunately, for the Flyers, pretty long odds.

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