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03-17-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Black1963 View Post
Wrong choice of words. Instead of develop I should have said drafted I would just like to see DL focus more on picking forwards than dmen and goalies, that's all. I'm still bitter about picking Forbort over Etem.
We've drafted 3 goalies since 2007 (the first draft under our current scouting team). That's likely one of the lowest amounts over that time frame.

What is being ignored here is that development plays a HUGE role in a player becoming an NHL top line player, as does the pre-draft interviews. I mean if you just want us to draft a guy with top line ability, we could, but that's simple. I mean you and me could buy a pre-draft preview magazine and draft those guys touted as high skill players. There's a reason some flop.

Look at Etem. You call it disappointing we didn't select him over Forbort. What has he really done? He had good junior numbers sure, but what about as a pro? Toffoli had just as good of junior numbers, yet as a pro he's scoring .5 goals per game in the AHL on a team that has almost no offensive talent aside from him, Vey and Pearson. Etem has all of 13 goals in 45 AHL games and nothing in 18 NHL games. I'd rather go with Toffoli than Etem at this point. And give Forbort a chance to pan out at the NHL level before writing him off.

If you want us to draft a front line guy just to draft a front lien guy, we could, but that didn't work out to well under DT. Remember Olli Jokinen, Matt Zultek, Alexander Frolov, Jens Karlsson, David Steckel, Dustin Brown, Brian Boyle, Jeff Tambellini, Lauri Tukonen and Anze Kopitar? That's the list of forwards drafted in the first round by DT. Four panned out to be top two line forwards at some point in their career, meaning six didn't. Three of them never even scored a point in the NHL and one (Steckel) we didn't even sign because the 2nd round compensation was better than him). You could even toss in Lewis into this pile possibly, since he was drafted by DT's draft crew, just under Lombardi who took the Kings job a month earlier.

DL has drafted two forwards in the first round, Brayden Schenn and Tanner Pearson. To early to call on Pearson, but this season it's fair to say Schenn has been a top two line forward. One for one so far with DL.

Originally Posted by Black1963 View Post
All I'm talking about is Lombardi drafting a forward that can play for the kings on the first line. And as of now, he has yet to do that.
Schenn doesn't count?

Originally Posted by Black1963 View Post
Purcell may have gotten 91 games but good 80 games were as a LW. I kept insisting that he needs to play RW but unfortunately we had Brownie, JW and Simmonds all ahead of him. Of course, he goes to the bolts and is putting up good numbers playing his natural position of RW. And in the few games he did play RW with the kings, it was on the 4th line with Harrold and Raitis. And believe it or not, I'm not blaming DL or TM because bottom line is, there just wasn't a spot for Purcell.
Sorry, disagree. Firstly, 91 NHL games is 91 NHL games, regardless of where you played. Yes, playing your off-wing hurts, but he played the off-wing, not defense. He still got ice time and he did little with it. As I said, plenty of 1st round draft picks don't get 91 games period to show what they can do. Why should we excuse Purcell for not finding a way to show up in 91 games?

Also, we had Williams for all of 12 games in 2008-2009, and that was Simmonds rookie year. Purcell didn't really have any competition from Williams until very late in the season, and he couldn't even beat out a rookie 20-year-old who had no prior pro league experience. That's pretty sad.

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