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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I think it became close after last season when Klefbom's development took a major uptick from the WJC on but in general, Brodin was regarded as being well ahead of Klefbom developmentwise prior to that. I'm just basing it on the many scouting reports of Swedish fans who have watched both.

I would think that with Brodin now excelling at the NHL level like on a top pairing level and with Klefbom having suffered a setback due to the injury that the gap has significantly widened again. I've seen Brodin enough by now to know that he's an extremely special player, it's quite amazing how composed he is for a rookie.
However, Klefbom has all the tools to get close to Brodin's level if all goes well but the injury history certainly does complicate things. The Oilers need to be very careful with him and please for the love of god, don't rush this kid.
I agree with that my point is Klefbom was considered to be a longerterm project. Some guys are rare in that they are very composed but don't neccesairly have as much development to go as the typical player because of it. Vlasic, Murray, Brodin are guys i think are very rare and valuable but they don't develop quite as much as player like Klefbom who's still trying to figure out how to use every tool in his toolbox efficently. Brodin certainly has more offensive capablility than a guy like Vlasic but i don't think he's got the kind of impact game that a guy like Doughty brought as a young player, so i'm a little uncertain about the longterm upside. Obviously the sky's the limit for Brodin, all i'm saying is it's far from a certainty he continues to develop on his skillset as much as a guy like Klefbom will. Like i said Brodin>Klefbom is the fair call but all along there's been a lot of hype about Klefbom and his skillset being something very rare. So rare it was never considered a certainty that Brodin would be better than Klefbom. In fact this is the rankings of hockeys future, which IMO presents an interesting and unbiased source:

Ranked one after the other, Brodin at 28 and Klefbom at 29.

The rankings for 2011-2012 postseason actually had Klefbom ahead at 21, with Brodin at 30.

Don't need to tell me about being careful with Klefbom, i'd hope he at least gets some games in at the AHL level to establish himself in NA and i wouldn't be adverse to him playing him down there for a season or two if thats what it takes. Obviously we'd have to blue sky it to say the year off doesn't hurt him. But if it did happen and low and behold he's the same player he was at the beggining of the SEL season there's a chance he plays NHL minutes right away, especially with this managment group.

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