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03-17-2013, 04:43 PM
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Quit my winter league team at the beginning of September.

Why? Because I don't go from having fun, with a great roster of guys where we win some you lose some to go into this year merging with an "A" league team and having the guy run the team tell most of my good friends their not welcome to play because hes trying to make a beer league team a "dynasty". Most of the guys he told they cannot play he grew up with his whole life! thats absurd. He also told me the season is 650.00 bucks, including new jerseys and socks. Then tells me I have to be a "3rd liner" that gets no PP or PK time, just shifts where I have to go dump and chase, also "create" energy and block shots. Sorry, nothing against blocking shots but I'm not in my teens anymore. I'm not risking my body where I have to wake up for work at 5:15 AM everyday to slide around blocking shots.

It's damn beer league you cannot establish a forecheck without hitting. Also being told if someone pokes the goalie I have to risk a 5 game suspension for dropping the mitts. Crazy thing is, I out scored this guy by 40 points last year. Somehow hes the number 1 center and I'm a third liner.

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