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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
Parker leaving may not affect a lot of BU recruits but it will certainly play a part in the decision of high end guys like Eichel and Askew. And while players should commit to programs it's a misnomer to act as if the coach is not a driving force of the program. They're not mutually exclusive factors and it certainly makes a difference. And while I would like to believe it, I doubt Parker was telling guys like Eichel he would not be there to coach them. Eichel was vocal about his excitement to play for Parker after his commitment. It's a nice thought but Parker's allegiance is to BU wouldn't have him being that honest. His departure may not be the only factor but it is most definitely a factor.
I have it on good authority that Parker has been telling recruits for the past couple of years not to expect him to be the coach for all their years at BU, and for those further out, not at all.

Askew and Robbie Baillargeon were at last night's BU-Merrimack game (photo)

Boston Hockey Blog retweeted this from Askew's father:"There will be no major junior ... Coach sealed the deal tonight."

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