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03-17-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Nedved View Post
Nobody is saying to take halak over price. Would I have seen what I could get for price?? absolutely, and if it was an overpayment you better believe I would have moved price.

It's not as black and white, as you're putting it, and things change so quickly in the nhl.

Not only that, price hasn't done anything that warrants him over halak as being shortsighted. For all we know, Halak gets hot at the right time and wins the cup. same for price.

let the play do the talking, not potential. right now, yes, price is better but I still think the record would be relatively the same with halak/buddaj and who knows what would be there in place of eller. could be a worse player than eller, so all we can compare is their history.

not what they could become...

we have no idea what price would've landed us, and maybe we don't get galchenyuk last year. so it's dumb to compare halak/price, because they're in such different situations.

I care about what price is doing, not halak. Price needs to be better, and the nuthugging around here is borderline sad.

price has accomplished nothing to be considered a top 5 goalie, nothing. that's what I expect from him, nothing less.
Well if we have no idea what he could've landed us and have no such way of knowing regardless of the fact that they shopped him or not, doesn't that make it essentially moot?

Even if they could've gotten better than what they got for Halak, but thought he was a cornerstone for the team, which he has been since the trade, what does it matter? Why would you care about that? Just let go... Do you go back through the Gomez trade in your head every single night?

And Price has been doing perfectly fine for the past 2 and a half years, I have no idea what people are expecting, but it has to be so otherworldly that no single human being could manage to meet your expectations.

Simply put, you're a vindictive individual that has no rational thought process on this whole issue.

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