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Originally Posted by McFist View Post
He also makes space for other guys just by drawing attention and causing a ruckus.

I agree with your thinking about a similar contract next year so long as he keeps bringing it. But something tells me that if he does keep up this play he may end up snagging a 2yr deal or something. Don't know why, but I see Murray doing that.
You pose an interesting conundrum, but let's make it worse.

Imagine if Latendresse, after some respectable numbers, decides he wants to be part of the Sens future and asks for a 3 year commitment? He likes Ottawa, his family situation is good, and the team likes him. Should the Senators make a mid-term commitment to Lats with only a partial season of success. For this example, we'll imagine that Alfredsson is gone and waivers for prospects is not an issue for at least one season,.

Obviously, given his injury history it's a risk. But is it a deal breaker?

2 years at 2 million (with incentives) isn't an outrageous price and I think Murray would make the commitment....but 3 years? He's still young. He's played a lot of NHL games for his age, despite injuries.

This is all some pretty big conjecture at this point however. We'll need to see him put up a lot more points before it becomes an issue. I don't think he'll be asking for anything long term if he can't even put up 15 points. However it's something to consider.

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