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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
Well if we have no idea what he could've landed us and have no such way of knowing regardless of the fact that they shopped him or not, doesn't that make it essentially moot?

Even if they could've gotten better than what they got for Halak, but thought he was a cornerstone for the team, which he has been since the trade, what does it matter? Why would you care about that? Just let go... Do you go back through the Gomez trade in your head every single night?

And Price has been doing perfectly fine for the past 2 and a half years, I have no idea what people are expecting, but it has to be so otherworldly that no single human being could manage to meet your expectations.

Simply put, you're a vindictive individual that has no rational thought process on this whole issue.
why are you personally attacking me?

yes, it is moot and that's why I want to talk about price and what he does for our team. However, people are being revisionist with carey's history.

people said price earned his starting role, but it was constantly handed to him, as explained.

someone made a snarky remark about how halak being backup in st.louis is an injustice, and I don't think halak deserves to be starting anyways. that doesn't change history.

yes, it is moot. that's why I only talk about price, and hate when people say: the habs made the right decision.

no, we don't know because of all the invariables and that's why I end up getting upset.

Price is paid like a top 5, people claim he is top 5, but has done nothing to warrant it. Guys like Rinne, Ward, Thomas, Miller, Lundqvist all have been at least done something. Yes, he has been 'fine' absolutely, but again people act like he is one of the league's best. he's simply not there yet.

That's the group I expect him to be him with, but he's outside the top group looking in. Will he get there? maybe, and I hope, but people already put him there and has done nothing.

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