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03-17-2013, 06:08 PM
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we drafted a goalie?
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Originally Posted by Luke3026 View Post
So let me get this straight --

We replaced our UFA $uper$tar with AHLers and other teams' castoffs.

Our remaining superstar can only score shorthanded, may or may not have lingering back problems and is so gassed he needs IV's during games.

Our older-than-dirt stay-at-home captain is playing like an older-than-dirt defenseman.

Our well-paid #1 center has turned into late-90's Bobby Carpenter.

Our older-than-dirt backup goalie is playing every day, back-to-backs, everything.

Our PMD costs us as many goals as he contributes to.

Our big, cycling winger is hurt.

Our knuckle-head "30-goal-scorer" doesn't score anymore.

No one can hit the broad side of a barn with their shots.

We have bottom-pairing defensemen coming out our ears, but no depth at forward.

We have one regulation win in the last 12 games.

Yet we're still (albeit tenously) in playoff position with 19 games to play? I guess it could be worse.
I think this sums it up pretty well. If we can get off the floor and up on the board after Marty, Zubrus and a little confidence comes back (along with some stability in the roster), I think we have a good chance to turn this around and get back on track like the opening of the season.


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