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Grades for players

Johnson C+ Didn't progress as people thought, still a 2nd half player didn't really do much for the first 34

Rychel B- Nice year back to back 40 goal season, still lacks desire to backcheck

Clark F Didn't bring anything to this team, lacked maturity and leadership

Aleardi A He was a gift to the Spits at the deadline and a nice gift at that. Wish he was back next year but he did his job with Windsor

Khokhlachev A similar to comments with Aleardi. If they had Khokhlachev all year they probably would still be playing hockey

Bilcke D+ Doesn't bring a lot to the table. Didn't score a single goal, doesn't skate that well and fits in the mold of too many muckers and grinders and not enough skill

Verbeek C+ Not a bad season, needs to show more touch around the night and keep his head screwed on straight and stay focused

Studnicka D Needs to bring more to the table another mucker and grinder who doesn't have much upside as a top 6

Giftopolous B+ Provided a boost, some grinding capabilities and consistency should be a valuable OA

Ho-Sang B+ toughest one to grade because he showed some skill the Hall comparisons were quite poor imo. Has a terrific shot but rarely uses it, needs to use teammates more. Still a productive year as a 16 year old not sold on him being a centerpiece player

Vail C+ Didn't make the strides people thought. Was a good teammate moving back to D but before that went through a slump of 3g in 27 games when he was actually at forward

Marchese D Soft, won't go to dirty areas, won't back check. He's a poacher


Murphy D- Good offense capabilities, extremely poor in his own zone though one of the worst players in his own zone I can remember

Sieloff B- A rock in his own zone, dependable needs to get healthy

Ebert C+ Looked solid when the team didn't have injuries, played the full 68 games and showed durability but too many minutes caught up to him

Bateman C- Bad before Christmas, seemed to turn the corner the last month or so still a lot of work to do

Sanvido C- Not a bad rookie year, still question his agility and skating abilities

McNaughton F Not a good OHL defenseman

Bowen INC
Koekkoekk INC
Percy INC

Pavelka C- Average/below average OHL goalie. Some good games but fell apart in December up to the end of the year

DeKort C- Didn't play well enough, organization didn't do him many favors though

Coaching F
General Manager F

Those 2 might be harsh but certainly deserving, inconsistency has plagued the team the past 2 years. Rychel waited too long to address the issues. Coaching needs a shake up

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