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Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
- Letang's injury. I will not get into a heated argument again about this like last night. All I'll say is this, Jags, a few others and I argued at length about this teams lack of response to cheap shots, questionable hits, etc, and how it may lead to future injuries to our stars. Not 14 hours later, Letang is injured by a cheap ass slash. Sid takes an elbow to the face off a faceoff. Neal gets punched by Lucic. Nothing. I'm not calling to have Big Mac flown in for the 2nd period of todays game. Not calling for someone to sucker punch Marchard. But at the very very least, the rest of todays game should have been very difficult on him. It wasn't. Nobody even breathed on him.

I agree, getting 2 pts against these guys was big. Engo couldn't have done much even if he wanted to since we were down to 5 D. But where was Glass, Cooke, Adams, etc? Not even one hit on that dude? Gimme a break.
Cheap ass slash? Please, that's ridiculous. He got tapped on the glove. It wasn't even a slash, it was barely a love tap. Letang was not injured because of the slash. I don't know how anyone can watch that play, hear Letang has a lower body injury and think the slash had anything to do with it. We didn't respond to it because he didn't do anything. Not even a hockey play gone wrong like Geno's injuries. Literally nothing.

Neal punched Lucic right back. I never saw or heard anything about Sid getting elbowed.

Based on our 2 games against the Bruins and the games against the Rangers and Leafs, I seem to have the opposite conclusion as you. We are better off staying out of their extra stuff. They will give us some love taps. We will skate away. If we get into it, they will have to show that they are tougher than us and escalate it. And they are better at that stuff than we are. We can out play these teams. No reason to make it a fight instead.

And I still don't think a single injury this season would have been helped by any amount of toughness in the line-up. Not a single injury has come from a play that would have gone differently if teams were more intimidated by us. None of them were dirty. None of them were egregious. None of them were anything but hockey plays.

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