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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Maybe that's because defensively this team is garbage, and offensively this team isn't good enough to get it done, so there's too much pressure on both goaltenders to have to bail our ***** out night after night and finally it's all come crashing down?

There's definitely an argument. But I'd suggest this team is much better defensivly than they were at the begging of this yr (when they were getting good goaltending). The team is limiting the opposition to 'normal' scoring chances lately (meaning around 12-15 per game). Th

Offensively yes, it's been a struggle. Through 27 games last yr Canucks had 33 pts, they have 32 pts through the same amount of games this yr. So they're on the same 'pace'.

The difference: goal scoring is down by 20 goals, and goals against is up by 11. They are playing primarily in the west this yr, so goal scoring down is not surprising. 8 of the top 10 points league leaders are from the east. The eastern teams have scored more than 80+ goals than the west this yr.

The issue as I see is goaltending. Teams aren't scoring in the west, yet they are lighting up the Canucks. There are 8 teams in the west with better GA/per game than Canucks. That's never been the case in the past. When you see both goaltenders EV SV% and all the stat guys are saying "they're not getting the goaltending, I'd say "they're not getting the goaltending". The Canucks EV underlying #'s are better than they've ever been since stats were kept. They are the 2nd best EV puck possession team in the league. They're just not getting the goaltending IMO.

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