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03-17-2013, 06:41 PM
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This is priceless...

Posters say that Price was handed jobs and say it as a matter of fact. This is purely an opinion that you hold and nothing more and posters go through all sorts of gymnastics to validate your mantra. For this to be true then there most be some kind of conspiracy.... maybe he`s the Manchurian Candidate chosen,bred and placed to ruin the franchise.

Seriously, this is the NHL, position aren't handed out, they are earned based on a variety of factors which can include such important factors as age, projection, size, strength, durability, technique all which Price has an abundance of and much better than both Halak and Huet. Huet was technically terrible and this was proven in Chicago. Halak is streaky but small and fragile - this also proven. So management chose Price in both situations and they chose correctly.

The rest is just useless chatter and as I said before, propagated by those with an ax to grind or a personal dislike for the individual - who they feel achieved to much to soon. This is very symptomatic of disenfranchised individuals who turn to bring down powerful institutions and/or successful individuals.

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