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03-17-2013, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post

- Letang's injury. I will not get into a heated argument again about this like last night. All I'll say is this, Jags, a few others and I argued at length about this teams lack of response to cheap shots, questionable hits, etc, and how it may lead to future injuries to our stars. Not 14 hours later, Letang is injured by a cheap ass slash. Sid takes an elbow to the face off a faceoff. Neal gets punched by Lucic. Nothing. I'm not calling to have Big Mac flown in for the 2nd period of todays game. Not calling for someone to sucker punch Marchard. But at the very very least, the rest of todays game should have been very difficult on him. It wasn't. Nobody even breathed on him.

I agree, getting 2 pts against these guys was big. Engo couldn't have done much even if he wanted to since we were down to 5 D. But where was Glass, Cooke, Adams, etc? Not even one hit on that dude? Gimme a break.
Wow. We are are just grasping at straws on this argument, eh? Did you watch the game? We targeted Chara more than the B's even came close to targeting Crosby. Remember when you and Jags swore that the B's would cheap shot Crosby the entire night? Yeaaaaaaaaah. That never happened. It didn't even come close to happening.

With the limited news we have (locker room reports) it was said to be a nagging injury that has bothered Letang for a couple weeks. If it's a hamstring, groin, or something like that - then the "slash" did nothing to him. Right?

Gotta love it. We target Chara and you still believe we got targeted. Just hilarious.

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