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Originally Posted by Schalkenullvier View Post
Hasn't Dirk made an impact on the popularity of Basketball here? I was under that impression. The difference of course is that Dirk put us on the map in international competition (the 2005 EURO silver medal was 80% due to him), and of course it's in the nature of the sport that one single player can't make as much of an impact in hockey.

It's difficult to get into hockey in Germany because you just don't get in touch with it. Every three year old german has kicked a ball and if they like it, they stay. You just can't try out hockey like you can with soccer, or even handball and basketball. You can play street hockey but that doesn't lead many to ice hockey.

In general it's difficult to get any attention here due to the domination of soccer. I spoke to Horst Bredemeyer in the summer who is influental in german handball, and he said that Handball's TV ratings weren't at all encouraging, but still light years ahead of basketball and hockey. And I am pretty sure in large part that's because Handball had its golden years when german soccer had its worst slump, in the late 90s and early 00s. They managed to establish themselves when many were tired of soccer. It needs special occurrences like that to have some spotlght.

Swap hockey with soccer and you have Finland. Different worlds...

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