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03-17-2013, 07:25 PM
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If Howard doesn't get signed, we're going to look like Flyer fans. Begging to get rid of our "average" goalie...just to see him put up the same stats, or better (because the defense here is abysmal...and that's giving it too much credit). After we get our wish, bringing up a rookie goalie, and watch him get Masonified for a season, or two...we'll be just like how the Flyer fans are now with Bobrovsky: begging for our old goalie back.

Get something good. And when you have it? You want something better because you see teams with Rinne. Quick. And lundqvist. Not all the goalies are going to be like that. But since Howard isn't like those three...he's just "average". May as well low ball his contract, or let him walk. Why? He hasn't accomplished greatness in the short career he's had with this junk team. These guys took about 5 or more seasons with good teams to get their hardware. The goalies can't do it alone.

We get our (seems to be the general consensus here) wish and let Howard go to another team and watch him succeed? I'm telling you...we're all going to be sour grapes. All the while Mrazek will be having the same issues Howard has had.

His own team screening him.
Constant cross crease one timers getting by like nobodies business.
odd man rush city.
Turn overs point blank like they for got who's team they play for.

We wont mention the positioning. An rest assured...Mrazek will have weaknesses just like Howard does.

Mrazek may have a higher ceiling, that's not confirmed...that's just our speculation. But he's not going to taking this team anywhere. No goalie is. Not even Hasek in his prime would be able to take this defense to the Cup.

As for last night? People really like to undermine what a goalie can do for a team, and what they do to the other. The shots were 24/10 Vancouver at one point. Howard made, at that point, 3 point blank stops...robbed Burrows, and Garrison (this dude was at the top of the slot..he has a bomb...point blank slapper and Howie stoned him). These are key stops.

Not to mention he had other good stops, not routine, but good. The rest where routine. But the point I'm getting is this: After those point blank chances. THat glove save. That Garrison save...Not only does that keep you in the game, but that demoralizes the other team. Grind away, get a goal? That's a win. Goal tending can do that. When the Shots were 24/10 at one point, and we caught up a little in shots and haves to credit Howard for holding the fort and frustrating the other team. Big saves will do that.

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