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Originally Posted by King of the ES View Post
You can deny 'til you die all you want, Cody Hodgson is an NHL 1C today and he's almost certainly only going to get better, better, and better. As for Kadri - sure, I think you can call him a 1C, if he in fact is Toronto's 1st line C. The guy's got 27 points in 29 games. I can only imagine the level of hype amongst Canuck fans if Jordan Schroeder had come in and put up similar numbers. If Zack Kassian had 27 points in 29 games, Canuck fans would not just be calling him a 1st line winger, they'd be beginning to plan his Ring of Honour ceremony.

And why exactly would Cody be on our 3rd line? Is he not as good as Chris Higgins, or Mason Raymond? Don't be stupid. He'd be our 2C, probably even with a healthy Kesler, who'd be moved to wing. If you think that the only reason Cody's putting up the numbers that he is is because he's a Sabre, and that he's getting opportunity that he otherwise would not on the Canucks because the Sabres and so horrible, you need to consult your local standings and realize that they're a whole 8 points below us.
Kadri was also considered by some to on his way to being a bust prior to this season. One thing to consider when looking at players like Kassian - they can suddenly improve quite rapidly when they're young.

Hodgson would not be able to beat Kesler out for the #2 center spot. As I pointed out earlie, Hodgson would currently likely be a 55 point player on the 2nd line, which is about the same as Kesler's bad seasons currently, and he doesn't have Kesler's defensive abilities. Maybe Hodgson could have made it as a winger on the 2nd line.

8 points is a huge difference given that the Sabres have played one more game, and the season is only 1/3rd done (for a regular season). Over 82 games, the Canucks are on pace for 97 points vs. 70 points for the Sabres. That's 27 points, and you have to admit that is a massive difference.

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