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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
Oates played absolutely nothing like Crosby did.

And no, he wouldn't be tearing up today's NHL (at least, any more than he did his own). Today's NHL is about speed, speed, speed. Oates didn't have much of that.

Trying to think of a playmaker his size, with his lack of mobility (relative other all-star type players), that's had a lot of success post 2005. I guess Savard would be the closest, but Savard had an additional coat of slickness that Oates just didn't.
Say what? By just saying that, it's clear you never watched OT play. And if you come back with "yes I did" ,I wouldn't believe you. Oates by some was considered the best playmaker/passer of his time, some say over Gretz himself but somehow you just regulated him below Savard.

This site drives me nuts.

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