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Originally Posted by ryanwb View Post
Right. Except last year, when their GAA was virtually identical, and Price had a .916 sv% compared to Brodeur's .908. On the worst team in the Eastern Conference no less.

Or the year before that when Price led the NHL in wins, had a better GAA (2.35 to 2.45) and a better sv% (.923 to .903)

I like Brodeur as much as the next guy, but Price > Marty at this point in time. And frankly I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Price, Luongo, Lundqvist, Rinne, Quick. Those guys are locks to play for their respective teams. This is obviously where we disagree, but I can't see any of them playing their way off the team, regardless of how bad they were. Conversely, if Elliot goes out and repeats his performance from last season, I don't see him playing his way ONTO the team either. So sure Price might get injured or play so crappy that he plays his way off the team, but what has he done up until this point to make you think he is going to get anything but better?

If I am starting a team tomorrow, I only take 2 guys ahead of Price in net: Rinne and Lundqvist. Call me a homer, but I think he is that good, and we have been jaded by watching him grow up right before our eyes. Sure he has had both his ups and downs. Nobody is perfect, and he is a maturing goaltender playing in the most hockey crazed market in the league. You think a 20 or 21 year old Lundqvist would have fared any better in the NHL had he been over here? Or Miller? Or Rinne? Not likely, otherwise they probably would have been in the NHL wouldn't they?

As for my comment about top 3 in any country, it is pretty clear what I meant. You stated that the only likely reason Price would be in Sochi is because of Canada's lack of depth. Well, that lack of depth we have still equates to him being among the best at his position no matter the passport. So if he is still top 3 on any country in the world, then how can we say it is only due to lack of depth on Canada's part that he would get a job?

And just a heads up: Contained in that lack of depth (Price, Ward, Luongo, Fleury, Crawford) we have 2 Stanley Cup winners, 1 Conn Smythe winner, and another goalie who lost in game 7 of the Cup Finals. What other country can boast depth like that? Not to mention the current NHL wins leader and the No.1 goaltender for a team that went half a season without a regulation loss. What depth indeed.

Well, 2 years ago he led the NHL in wins, which he just so happens to be doing again this year, so the guy clearly wins more often than he loses. Playoffs are where he is going to have to prove himself obviously.

He is still only 25, an age when Rinne, Miller, and Lundvist were either not even good enough yet for the NHL, or just beginning their careers started. Price is a 6 year NHL veteran who is just hitting his prime.

Let's give the guy a little slack before we start comparing him to these players who couldn't do what he could for the past 7 seasons at the same age.

1) To each their own. Just last year brodeur helped his team to the final...not a less than stellar devils team. they played much better with him in net, at the start of the year, then now.

Maybe I'm a bit of a brodeur homer. He's my favourite goalie and want to believe he can play forever.

2) Now this I can agree with.

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