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Originally Posted by Godless Servant View Post
Luongo and this team always start a season looking like ****, the fact that early on Luongo was playing lights out was shocking and its pretty much the only reason we aren't fighting to get into a playoff spot and are just trying to hold onto one.

Luongo is a work horse and needs a bunch of games to work out the bugs but in this shortened season which is being split evenly amongst our goalies isn't allowing him to do that, who knows maybe Cory needs the same type of work load to get the kinks out but the team in front isn't playing anywhere near where they need to be and that's a problem, prior to this season I didn't hate AV but I feel it growing.

I don't think Kesler alone can save this team, its starting to feel like we need an enema but this is a wacky season and I'm willing to take this year on the chin.
I was talking 'both' goalies. They both stink right now. They both stole games at the begging of the season - when I think the team was playing like poo. Since then, the teams playing better and the goalies are playing like poo. Maybe they need more games? I really don't care, everyone only gets 48 games this season. They need to buckle up and play better. No excuses anymore. I've seen every excuse in the book. Historically both these goalies have been wayyyyyyyy better than they're performing now. They need to step up to their own standards.

Playing an entire season without your selke winning centre means you're going to struggle, IMO. How would Hawks look without Toews all year? Detroit with Datsyuk? No team can sustain that. But...... Canucks have managed better than most. As I said, they're the 2nd best puck possession team in the league - they've done it without 2 of their best puck possession players playing minimal games (Booth/Kesler). In the long run I have faith this team will be better. Until then their goalies need to wake up.

OMG your enema comment almost made me choke on my dinner, lol. It's seriously been the most wacky season I can ever remember. The weirdest things are happening, no team can hold a lead, the best goalies can't stop a puck and freekin' goalies like Bobrovsky are stealing games. Like, caman. It's the twilight zone.

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