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Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi View Post
I think obviously having 5 defenceman in the 4-5 million cap hit range is just silly. You should pay a big #1 top dollars like 6.5-7, have two in the 4-5 range and then the rest would be cap friendly hits of 2 or under.
Originally Posted by Diamonddog01 View Post
It's weird, Gillis seems to have this "insurance policy" in effect regarding the defense, so he trades for Ballard as he's not sure if Hamhuis will sign. Then he signs Garrison, in my opinion partly because he's a good player who took less to play here, but also in case Edler doesn't re-sign.
So we get insurance, but in the end we have 4 LH defenceman making 4 million or more. Anyone else see an issue with that?
There is method to Gillis’ apparent D madness. Its called self preservation.

The only reason he has a job as GM is because his predecessor literally ran out of D men. Remember that for better part of that 2nd season under Noonis the club was merrily humming along, comfortably in the playoffs when in quick succession something like 4 D men went down, including 3 of the top 4, some for prolonged periods, if memory serves. They had a brutal 4th quarter and narrowly missed the playoffs.

Taking the helm, MG must have told himself that whatever else happens he would never be caught with an all AHL D. Consequently, he has always been content to have 5 guys paid as top 4 and maintained 8 instead of the usual 7 on the 23 man roster. I thought having Salo was the clincher, but obviously there was more to it since the policy has been continued.

MG was proven right in years past when he’s had occasion where 3 good D men were out at the same time, but now he has more pressing issues. When you regularly park 4.2 in the press-box and the club’s lack of offence begs for more cap allocation to forwards, no question it is high time to reconsider.

Also, the D down on the farm can’t be pleased knowing that so many veterans are ahead of them and that the chance of getting called up is virtually zero absent multiple injuries.

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