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03-17-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Konk View Post
Considering draft picks take 3-5 years to pan out, you don't draft on need.

There still is not valid reasoning nor proof that Garth and co wouldn't select a European-based player in the 1st round, as they've already selected a European (Niederreiter) and have selected several from Europe in the 2nd (Pokka, Sundstrom, Koskinen) and later rounds (Ullstrom, Nilsson).
I don't think they would have any qualms about picking someone from Europe either if he was the right guy. When they chose Nino over Fowler (and others) that seemed to say as much right there. My point was more that you can't look at the lunacy of the all defenseman draft and compare it to a bias for or against drafting defensemen. Apples and oranges...

They have and will pick a European if they deem him the right choice in the first round. It isn't even an argument based on history.

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