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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
I didn't "regulate" Oates below anybody. I said Savard's slickness let him overcome size and succeed in an era that's friendly to guys who had a gear he didn't.

What you're saying is "slicker than Savard" is an accurate description of Oates. And you're questioning whether I've seen these players?

Incidentally, if anyone actually said Oates was the best playmaker of his time (I'm inclined to think you just made that up), that person was either lying, one of his relatives or a colossal fool.
Here's a list, has OT at 3

Dan Rosen:

You're talking about Gretzky and [Mario] Lemieux, players like that, and he's in that pantheon of the great all-time passers," McPhee said. "He was as good of a set-up guy that I ever had a chance to work with, and sometimes you don't realize how good players are until you work with them.|NHL|home

Kelly Chase, Blues Radio Analyst and former Blues teammate:
"If you take Wayne Gretzky out of the mix, Adam Oates, in my opinion, is the best passer that ever played.
Here's an entire list of people bringing up the question:

Mostly and if you read what I wrote, have him behind Wayne, as I used "some". But some do have him as the greatest passers.

Again, you never watched him so please don't make opinions like they are facts.

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