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03-17-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
If leading the team with 7 goals (38 goal pace in 82 game season) and 3 game winners (tied for 2nd in the league) is an off year, ill take it.

And I thought he played pretty well last game.

He relies on being "forgotten" about to be effective. Thats his game. Should we sticky this?

If everyone just understands that basic fact about him, 90% of the flak goes away.
Yes a large part of his game is sneaking through defenders and finding scoring areas. However the best players can do more than that so the question becomes is he a top player. Hes def not on the level of guys that put up points and arent afraid to engage and create space. He does well in blowouts because the game is wide open but when it gets tough he does very little, he avoids contact etc. Understanding what he does and doesent do, does not make it right. I think with a guy like Gaborik he needs a center who skilled but also can hold off defenders. Richards is more of a problem to me because he is very weak in the corner and with body contact and isnt as talented at scoring. He simply has good passing and skating but that doesent cut it.

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