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03-17-2013, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Matt Ryan View Post
Good point about Phoenix.

Sharks are really not good. As the season progresses even further, they'll only get more tired. They are also in a tougher conference. I think they are the most catch-able team.

The thing about Calgary is our fate is in our own hands with them, having 3 games left. If they make it above us, then we can look to those games and it's imminently our fault, whereas with Dallas, though they are looking pretty bad, are done playing us.
The gap with our home away critical we win those 4 extra home games we are right in it .I just have feeling we are all going to be biting our fingers till end of season which is not a bad thing . Phx is also awfull on road they cannot do line matchups to trap like they do at home.

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