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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
That, and Sather didn't do a good job re-signing our UFAs.

I don't understand the Nash trade at this point.

Sure, Nash for what was essentially Anisimov/Dubinsky and a 1st round pick seemed like a no brainer.

But why move pieces when you're already so close to the Stanley Cup? We were two wins away WITHOUT Nash. You wanted to add a super star goal scorer, but gave up significant depth in the process? Well how did we lose depth? Well, it was two players (two key players for us) who had excellent defensively, good for 30-40 points, and had good work ethic. AND we had to factor in a $7.8 million cap hit on a long term deal.

Some people said it was one step back to take two steps forward. Why take a step back when you were already so close? In my opinion, the Nash trade took us a BIG step back. And with a select few years of Lundqvist's prime in place, we are losing time to achieve the goal of winning the Cup. The team needed to add assets, not exchange. The pieces were already in place. The team had chemistry. That TEAM bought into Tortorella's blue collar system.

In my honest opinion, you wait for a free agent to come on the market and grab him for a 1 year deal to help the team for a deep run. I still think Semin would have been the better choice (sign him for one year, he comes off the books when players like McDonagh and company need to be re-signed and he adds that extra scoring touch the team missed) without giving up significant assets. And he's doing great this season, just as good if not better than Nash and is a big reason why Carolina is back on top along with the effort of a tremendous season by Eric Staal.

And if you can't sign that free agent, let the home grown talent continue to develop and fill those roles on their own. Then try again the following off season to nab that free agent, within your budget, that can help the team. Not have half the team spread throughout the NHL to accomodate another monster contract on the books.

At this point, I don't like the team because it's clear that under Nash, and our pitiful role players, the team doesn't have an identity. And no matter what Callahan does, I'm sure his work ethic won't be nearly as infectious as the low confidence surrounding this team. Guys like Dubinsky, Anisimov, Fedotenko were players that played like Callahan and were willing to play that blue collar system. If we couldn't re-sign Prust because his girlfriend lives on MTL, fine, but don't lose the rest of the role players too. When you have those players buy into the system, you're a better team.
I cannot agree more with what you just said. No identity. The rangers of last year were built on outworking other teams and all lines contributing in some way. Now weve almost created a team more reliant on skill which, is not suited for imo for the current roster. Losing depth guys like we did really put us behind. Its typical Sather reverting back to the big ticket guys and names which never worked before and isnt working now. I can only hope things get better but with a short season it will be tough we need some 10 game winning streak or else it will be a second year of missed playoffs with Torts.

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