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Oz, the Great and Powerful


The good:

Plenty of Judie Garland-esque camp
The China Doll was the strongest character
Had a pretty good beginning

The bad:

Thematically, it was very weak. And due to the thematic weakness, the end came stumbling like a drunk falling down the stairs. First and foremost, L. Frank Baum had the main characters female because. . . well, I'm not sure. Some say he was sympathetic to the feminist causes, maybe he targeted the books to girls or opted to throw in girls instead of boys for whatever reason. Whatever. The main characters throughout the entirety of the series of books is female. The male characters are for the most part not the main driving characters. So what do we get? The thrusting of the wizard into the main role demanding that he have a victory streeeeeeeeeetches things.

Secondly, the insistence of romance to fuel the story. L. Frank Baum eschewed romance in his books because children would not be interested in romance. Shoehorning romance into this novel made it feel awkward. Firstly, there is no indication that Glinda had any intimate relationship with the Wizard in the books. But let's forget that. The romance gets in the way of the story, shoehorning Glinda into the damsel in distress trope and giving an arbitrary reasoning for the witches of the lattitudinal dominions.

Put this altogether, and we don't have a good reason to expect the Wizard to sheepishly come out and eschew the admission to his subjects and, in the actual books, Dorothy.

Also, why is the Good Witch of the North missing? Her insertion could have provided the scriptwriter the possibility of a more plausible story. Something like the Good Witch of the South props up the Wizard, due to his ability to provide illusion, to keep the lattitudinal witches away from the throne after say, the Witch/Wizard of the Emerald City had been offed by the Wicked Witch of the East. Or something. Don't give us this rushed bag of film.

Also, Mila Kunis' acting in the transformation uh. . . sucked. The animators didn't help them with that. Note to studio: pay your animators.

There. As I said, I gave it a barely passing grade because I did not walk out of the theatre by the end. Oh well.

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