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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
No. Not necessarily. Some teams believe in going slowly with their goalies. Something I also thought we should have done with Price. Yes he was lights out in the AHL Playoffs, but he should have ridden the bus with the highs and lows of 1 AHL season. So we could have taken more our time with him. As far as the took them longer to develop...doesn't mean they won't end up a better goalie what all is said and done. It's not always about who gets there's who stays there the longest.
Right, and I would say I agree with you. We should have been more patient regarding his development. This is why I feel we have been jaded with Price. We have had to watch him mature playing arguably the most difficult position mentally in pro sports. It's not an easy thing for a guy to be anointed by management like he was and then have to deliver. We were spoiled with Dryden and Roy. Not every top flight goalie develops right away. Like we saw with Miller and Lundqvist, they can take time. Price is only just starting to come into his own, so I think it is far too early to pass judgment on him yet.

I know it's pretty clear...but it still makes no sense. It's due to the lack of depth for Canada 'cause Canada had always more goalies to offer than any of the other countries. So Canada was always strong everywhere, but compared to the other countries...there were no comparisons whatsoever as far as depth.
I believe this is a fantasy. Sure we have always had one of the TOP guys, ala Belfour or Brodeur or Roy, but our depth is as strong as it has ever been. Have you seen the list of Canadian goalies who won a decent amount of games in 06? It's pretty pathetic really. Names like Garon, Legace, Auld and Emery are in the top 10. I would never consider guys like that for Team Canada. Looks even worse when you go by GAA or sv%.

02? Only slightly better. The point of this is that we have always had the top flight talent, and the depth comes and goes. 2014 will be no different. Price is one of the top flight talent this time around. He will make the team based on reputation alone. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but I feel it will be the right decision in the end.

I know yet...who cares right? Who cares what any of those goalies has done in the past. At one point you tell me how Price is #3 on your list of goalies you'd have on your team...but then succeeds in praising those canadian goalies with their past accomplishments? Why wouldn't you consider those goalies when it's time to make your list of who you would take on your team then?
I considered all goaltenders. The fact that Price landed ahead of all of them should tell you how highly I think of him. People have a tendency to think the grass is always greener on the other side, but I am a strong believer that there are only 2 goalies in the NHL that would improve this team if we traded them for Price. Anyone else is either a wash or a downgrade IMO. I've seen enough games from around the league to know that there isn't a lot of separation between Price and the other top goalies in the league, regardless of what his stats or bad goals might say.

And the most important thing for me is that I would rather believe in the guy that we have than try to downplay what he has accomplished because like him or not, proven or unproven, he is the guy we have hitched our cart to. We will only go as far as he can take us, and I believe he has the goods to deliver when we need him most.

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