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03-17-2013, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
It's a lot easier to say the trade made no sense if you ignore the fact that Hodgson, his family, and his agent had no interest in him being brought along slowly with the Canucks. Anyone basing an argument on a scenario where the Canucks would've used Hodgson as a 3rd line C this year is simply ignoring reality. Of course he'd be better than the crap the Canucks have filling in from the 4th line/AHL team, but he wasn't willing to play a depth role on a healthy Canucks team.

Hodgson is in the exact situation his camp was looking for. He got to join a bad team that's willing to throw money around with some talented wingers but one of the worst sets of centers in the league. Now he can play 1 way hockey, play with some talented guys and put up some points, and cash in when his ELC expires. It's a shame it couldn't work in Vancouver, but if every young player had the same demands as him then good teams wouldn't be able to develop players.
damn, that's a much better response than my sarcasm. Well put.

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