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03-17-2013, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Price is a top five goalie in the NHL. Personally I think he's top 3.

He doesn't have a top 5 save percentage right now but over the past few years when looking at combined seasons Price is in the top five in that stat and he's played more games than anyone other than Rinne.

Price bashers can say whatever the **** they want... The guy is a workhorse and despite having a few games where he's been blown out, he's been great all year long.

Save percentage is the best single stat that we have when looking at goalies but it shouldn't be the only stat. And you have to look at more than just the aggregate number. If a guy gets blown away with 8 goals his aggregate number is going to baloon but he could've been wicked for most of the year apart from that blowup.

You have to look at games played, GAA and wins. I would certainly agree that those numbers aren't as important as save percentage but they shouldn't be disregarded entirely.

Price's save percentage in the playoffs against the Bruins in 2011 was awesome. And yet all I keep hearing is how he didn't win. Well, which is it? Is it only okay to talk about wins when the guy doesn't beat out Tim Thomas and the Bruins? There's a double standard here that I see on these boards that don't make sense to me.

We have a workhorse goalie who consistently plays well. On a year by year basis he may not have a top five save percentage number but he's going to be top five over the long haul and he's going to win a lot of games. On many nights he's been the only guy worth watching. Lundqvist and Rinne I can understand people arguing being better but there's not another goalie out there that I'd rather have right now. With all due respect to Sergei Bobrovski (who's having a great year) he's not going to be a top goalie year in and year out. Price is. Shocks me that people don't recognize this.
While I agree that Price is a top 5 goalie in the NHL and there's not a single goalie I would take over him but I, or I mean they, are talking about right now... the way he is playing. He could be a lot lot better since the beginning of the season.

But yeah, overall, I agree that Price is indeed a top 5 goalie and he will prove it then again, these detractors will always be there to bash Price if he lets in 2 bad goal and say top 5 goalie rarely give bad goal in a game. Or they will use the salary arguement and say a 6M$ goalie shouldn't basically never give bad goals or have bad streak and when you show them that 5-6M$ goalie like Rinne, Lundqvist, Luongo, Miller, Fleury, Ward (LOL) does actually give bad goals and doesn't stop all stoppable shots, they say it's an irrelevant argument.

All of the goalie I named up there are Vezina and Cup winners or runner up, makes over 5M/6M$$ a year yet, none of them really outplayed Price this season, yet some detractors dare to use the salary to bash Price.

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