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03-17-2013, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by esidebill View Post
If you want to work on wrist strength, Olympic lifting, handstands and ring work will do wonders!

Try out a P92 (Bauer) or Hall (Easton) curve with a 75 or 87 flex. I find the curve is good for learning stick handling and is a good all around curve. I think the curve is called Draper in Warrior? Not sure about CCM. Make sure you cut it down between your bottom lip and chin!
Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Kopitar now in Warrior, used to be Draper. Nugent-Hopkins in CCM, Crosby in Reebok.
Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
How long have you been playing? Are there any hockey shops around you? Do they carry replacement stick blades?

I'd be inclined to recommend getting a shaft with a couple different blades, but if you want a high end stick the Diablo is a good one. Otherwise I'd recommend tapered Warrior Dolomite shaft and a few Easton wood blades for the same price, you could try out some different curves that way.

If it's more than $25, skip it. Heavy, bad feel, just not a good stick.
Originally Posted by PlayBall View Post
I hope someone helps you, though from the sounds of it try for a 75, 80 flex at most. You can even get away with 85 but I'm of the philosophy that you should start off at a flex that will do the work for you and from there you can get a stiffer flex if you decide it torques too much on your wristers/slaps.

I liked the RBZ in the limited time I got to shoot it, I liked it alot actually, and I have a feeling the RBZ60 will be good. Wood sticks get water-logged and wear out easy, so if I had to I'd suggest getting a 75, and an 85 flex stick. The price difference will be neglible when the wood stick breaks/loses it's pop on you and you're ordering sticks again.

EDIT: May I suggest reconsidering your Tavares curve? (I hope the others weigh in on this, everyone's opinion will vary) According to hockeymonkey it is a 6 lie and that might not be enjoyable for you. Youtube stick lies if you need help understanding them. The Lecavalier looked similar and is a 5.5 lie, I liked the Couturier but not everyone likes a shallow blade. Hossa looks very similar to Tavares and is a 5 lie, anyone know how similar the Hossa is to the Tavares for our friend here?

Thanks for all the replies and help.

Stuff arrived today. Ended up getting a CCM crossover, warrior dolomite shaft and some blades (draper, zetterberg). now to try it all out

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