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12-23-2003, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by wavnet
I can't beleive that we are comparing both players,
do you guy notice the energy that koivu spends on the ice,
after something like 8 years i MUST admit that Koivu is ready to do
anything in order to get a Goal. (Remember is goal against Boston).
I can get why you all ***** at him when he started a Fondation in order for our childrens to get better equipement, even The Q goverment is not doing that. Also, how many points did he get last year after fighting cancer,
common guys. Even last night he hits bigger opponent, and always did.
He is a true warrior, and this is were he blows out Ribiero. I've seen
Ribiero many times in the Junior and especially in the PlayOffs, he was by far the most invisible guy around.

Comparing both players is really stupid.
Ribiero is playing with the best goal scorer that we have in Zednick,
did not get injured, get a lots of time on the PPW, he is 4 points ahead
of a defenseman, WOW. He will never be as good as Koivu, is 26 and still
struggle from time to time. Decent player, with nefty moves. Can't skate (zero speed), can't check, can't score, no good on faceoff, no heart, CAN PASS the Puck. But Quebecker, with cool moves one every 2-3 games.

The only good thing that could happen to Koivu would be to get trade.
And it will happen because of the F####K french media.

Donc, assez c'est assez !!!
J'aime Koivu il est le seul joueur dans les derniers 8 ans qui a montré du caractère et qui a produit offensivement sur une base régulière. En passant Ribiero, fut surclassé dans le Junior par qui d'autre que Ryder.
Hull a éliminé Rouin en 4 parties sans que Ribiero accumule un but, et Ryder en a compté 5 pour Hull et 18 au cours des mêmes séries.

Ribiero a eu sa chance, et s'il est aussi bon que vous semblez le dire nous devrions l'échanger.

MICHAEL RYDER MON 33 6 12 18 0

Bref, espérons que Ribiero continue de faire bien car c'est pour l'équipe que ca compte, oublier le championat des compteurs. D'ici 20 parties Koivu sera en avance sur ribiero en terme de point, il est beaucoup plus constant.

Je dois avouer que Ribiero a compté des super buts, mais 1 à toute les 10 games, c'est pas la mer à boire. En fait, les plus beaux buts que j'ai vu au cours des dernières années c'etaient des pièces de jeux rapide entre Koivu et Markov.

Bref, Koivu etr Ribiero ne sont pas dans la même veine, et si vous croyez que Oui, alors c'est que vous n'avez pas vu jouer Koivu à 22 ans il dominait, et était parmis les meilleurs compteurs de la ligue.

BTW Ribeiro is not 26 he's 23 ... and Koivu's 29.

Yes, Saku is a way more complete player than Ribeiro is but in the offense departement, I think Ribeiro is a better passer and have a better vision than Koivu. That said, Koivu is faster, grittier.

Koivu >> Ribeiro NOW

Offensive Talent
Ribeiro > Koivu

Give a couple of years to Ribs to get more strength and speed before writting him off as an all-star. Maybe he'll get there, maybe not, but there's no reason why he wouldnt give him a couple of year to get there since he's only 23.

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