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03-18-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by tomgilbertfan View Post
No one right now.

I was trying to think of one this year, and really there isn't one. A team without a "real" rival, since no one in our division is a rival in anything else, which kills all the longstanding rivalries in sport.

It's not just the playoffs, it's team location among other things.

Canucks fans (that I know at least) feel more strongly with Chicago now and I think most of the knowledgeable fans here hate Bertuzzi more than the Canucks now.

Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
Does "trying to force rivalries" count as Minnesota's biggest rival?

That or Detroit if "Rivalry Wednesday" is to believed.
and then ship them out East.....

It's a rivalry for me since it's the team I detest the most, being in exile there for years and essentially growing up as a Minnesotan in that state during their name stealing/bandwagon resurgence. We hated them back in the day with the North Stars (at least my family did), but with the Wild there isn't much history really.

Originally Posted by WILDhockeyfan View Post
I'd put money on St. Louis being our biggest rival within the next couple years. Those two teams really go at when they play against each other. Lots of chirping, fighting, and pileups. Winnipeg could evolve into quite a rivalry as well. Not sure I see Chicago being a huge rivalry unless the Wild can really step up their game and compete with Chicago for the division title. There's gonna have to be a couple playoff match-ups between those two teams as well for a rivalry to really form.
I don't know, my Chicago friends are pumped to "renew" the days when they used to burn effigies of North Stars players. Sitting in for that win that stopped their winning streak was probably the best I felt after a win all season, and their fans there were annoying as hell. I can definitely see that evolving quite quickly.

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