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03-18-2013, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by IDuck View Post
i think the money has been set by the getz signing...basically the ducks said we are willing to give you the max amount at whatever price (same as getz)....if he is after the money he could get more (most likely) via he either wants more money or there is another reason (family?) for him not signing with us, but IMO ducks have already offered the max they can offer him, i doubt he is coming back considering he hasnt signed yet but i have no idea....just my feeling on whats going on
I'm not convinced BM has made his best offer, but it's probably close. Do you think Getzlaf's $8.25 was on the table from the beginning? I'm betting it only finally came together a couple of days before we heard about the signing. It's a tough poker game the GMs have to play. But unless Perry has already told Bob he's moving closer to home I expect Bob to lay all his cards on the table right about now. Even if Bob wants to keep him for a playoff run he has to have time to shop him to see just what he could get. It's his job.

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