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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
Just meant that it sounds like you all feel the 1st holds much more value than Stastny, and by correlation it would return a better defense man. But I'm clearly not the expert on the value of assets that others who post on the Avs' boards are. Nor am I an expert on determining who is the "right" partner for EJ.
*EDIT* I also do not think it has to be a great player, but the right player. Perhaps a less "great" player who is the "right" guy for EJ plus some assets to even out the value.

Just think picking up an immediate partner for EJ is far more important to this team's (core's) future than anyone we could get in this draft. I trust Sherman to get a good return for the pick. Add a Dman to this core and a new coach, and the Avs should be continual playoff caliber team for the next 5 years IMO.
I've said in the past that I'd trade the pick for a defender if it wasn't going to be a top 4 pick. Usually that would be top 3 or top 2, but this draft is exceptionally deep.

The top 4-6 players in this draft look to be franchise caliber. Drouin, Mack, and Jones specifically.

Is Yandle worth Landeskog? No... Specifically Drouin, Mackinnon, and Jones would be like trading Landeskog.

If we draft Drouin, we have enough winger depth to roll all three scoring lines. Add some free-agent D, and allow our defensive prospects to fill out our D core.

If we draft Mackinnon, trade Stastny or convert Mack to wing, trade Stastny if that does not work.

If we draft Jones, bolster our winger depth through free-agency.

Either way... We are a few free-agents and a core level draft pick away from filling our roster needs.

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