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The Canadian senior hockey champions of 1959 was the Whitby Dunlops, who declined the invitation to represent Canada at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California, which then paved the way for the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen to appear in their second successive Olympics.

The K-W Dutchies had a record of 23 wins, 23 losses, 2 ties in 48 games for a total of 54 points (K-W played 8 four-point games) when they finished the Jan. 29-30, 1960 weekend in the OHA Senior A league for the Olympic break. The Dutchmen left Kitchener on January 31 by train for a 7-game western Canada exhibition tour beginning in Fort William on February 2. The K-W team then flew to California from Vancouver after the exhibition tour and arrived in Squaw Valley February 12.

K-W Dutchmen, Canada's Olympic hockey representatives, opened the western exhibition tour February 2 against a Lakehead all-star team (composed of players from Port Arthur Bearcats and Fort William Beavers of the Thunder Bay Senior Hockey League and from Red Rock Royals of North Shore intermediate league).

2 February 1960 (at Fort William)
K-W Dutchmen 6:1 Lakehead All-Stars (6:0, 0:0, 0:1)
Penalties: K-W (2), Lakehead (3)
Goalies: K-W (Harold Hurley, Cesare Maniago), Lakehead (Bert Brooks)
Referees: Bill McKenzie and Hugh McLean
Attendance: 3,078

1-0, K-W -- Rousseau (unassisted)
2-0, K-W -- Rope (Martin, Rousseau)
3-0, K-W -- Attersley (Samolenko)
4-0, K-W -- Rousseau (Sinden, Martin)
5-0, K-W -- Rousseau (Forhan, Pennington)
6-0, K-W -- Pennington (unassisted)
6-1, Lakehead -- Ken Harris (unassisted)

3 February 1960 (at Brandon, Manitoba)
K-W Dutchmen 10:1 Winnipeg Maroons (0:0, 2:0, 8:1)
Penalties: K-W (2), Winnipeg (2)
Goalies: K-W (Cesare Maniago, Harold Hurley), Winnipeg (Gord Dibley)
Attendance: 2,039

1-0, K-W -- Samolenko (Etcher, Attersley)
2-0, K-W -- Martin (Rope, Rousseau)
3-0, K-W -- Attersley (unassisted)
4-0, K-W -- McKnight (Rousseau, Douglas)
5-0, K-W -- Laufman (Connelly, Martin)
6-0, K-W -- Connelly (Martin, Laufman)
7-0, K-W -- Attersley (Rousseau, Etcher)
7-1, WPG -- Tom Marshall (Lloyd Orris, Ross Parke)
8-1, K-W -- Connelly (Laufman, Martin)
9-1, K-W -- Pennington (Attersley, Sly)
10-1, K-W -- Forhan (Rousseau, Sinden)

5 February 1960 (at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)
K-W Dutchmen 9:1 Moose Jaw Pla-Mors (4:0, 2:1, 3:0)
Penalties: K-W (1), Moose Jaw (2)
Goalies: K-W (Harold Hurley, Cesare Maniago), Moose Jaw (Kenny Kuntz)
Referees: Hugh McLean and Bill McKenzie

1-0, K-W -- Martin (Laufman)
2-0, K-W -- Rousseau (McKnight)
3-0, K-W -- Connelly (Attersley, Benoit)
4-0, K-W -- Etcher (Attersley, Davidson)
4-1, M-J -- Jimmy Van Buskirk (Wilson, Zwyer)
5-1, K-W -- Rousseau (McKnight, Forhan)
6-1, K-W -- Martin (Laufman, Sly)
7-1, K-W -- Attersley (Samolenko, Sly)
8-1, K-W -- Pennington (McKnight, Rousseau)
9-1, K-W -- Attersley (Etcher, Samolenko)

6 February 1960 (at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
K-W Dutchmen 6:0 Saskatoon Quakers (3:0, 1:0, 2:0)
Penalties: K-W (3), Saskatoon (3)
Goalies: K-W (Maniago/Hurley), Saskatoon (Johnny Sofiak)
Attendance: 4,495

1-0, K-W -- Martin (Laufman)
2-0, K-W -- Laufman (Martin, Douglas)
3-0, K-W -- Attersley (Etcher, Martin)
4-0, K-W -- Laufman (Connelly, Martin)
5-0, K-W -- Benoit (Attersley, Sinden)
6-0, K-W -- Rope (Rousseau, Forhan)

8 February 1960 (at Kamloops, British Columbia)
K-W Dutchmen 7:6 Kamloops Chiefs (1:1, 4:2, 2:3)
Penalties: K-W (2), Kamloops (3)
Goalies: K-W (Hurley/Maniago), Kamloops (McLeod)
Referees: Hugh McLean and Bill McKenzie
Attendance: 4,000

1-0, K-W -- Etcher (Douglas, Sinden)
1-1, KAM -- Kowalchuk (Jones)
1-2, KAM -- Cadman (Schmidt, Evans)
2-2, K-W -- Etcher (Douglas, Attersley)
3-2, K-W -- Martin (Rousseau, Forhan)
4-2, K-W -- Forhan (Rousseau)
4-3, KAM -- Evans (Cadman, Hryciuk)
5-3, K-W -- Sinden (Pennington, Attersley)
6-3, K-W -- Connelly (Laufman, Martin)
7-3, K-W -- Attersley (unassisted)
7-4, KAM -- Matheson (Jones)
7-5, KAM -- Cadman (unassisted)
7-6, KAM -- Cadman (Hryciuk, Evans)

9 February 1960 (at Vernon, British Columbia)
K-W Dutchmen 8:3 Vernon Canadians (2:1, 3:1, 3:1)
Penalties: K-W (4), Vernon (3)
Goalies: K-W (Hurley/Maniago), Vernon (Gordon)
Referees: Hugh McLean, Bill McKenzie
Attendance: 2,782

1-0, K-W -- Martin (Connelly, Laufman)
2-0, K-W -- Martin (Laufman, Connelly)
2-1, VER -- Frank King (unassisted)
3-1, K-W -- Etcher (Maki, Attersley)
4-1, K-W -- Attersley (Etcher, Davidson)
5-1, K-W -- Connelly (Laufman, Martin)
5-2, VER -- Johnny Harms (Lowe, Swarbrick)
6-2, K-W -- Martin (Douglas)
7-2, K-W -- Connelly (Martin)
7-3, VER -- Moe Young (King, Roche)
8-3, K-W -- Connelly (Martin, Laufman)

10 February 1960 (at Vancouver)
K-W Dutchmen 6:1 Trail Smoke Eaters (1:0, 3:0, 2:1)
Penalties: K-W (3), Trail (3)
Goalies: K-W (Hurley/Maniago), Trail (Seth Martin)
Attendance: 2,300

1-0, K-W -- Attersley (Samolenko, Etcher)
2-0, K-W -- Connelly (Martin, Laufman)
3-0, K-W -- Attersley (Etcher, Benoit)
4-0, K-W -- Attersley (Samolenko)
5-0, K-W -- Etcher (Attersley)
5-1, TRAIL -- Lenardon (Tambellini, Smith)
6-1, K-W -- Rousseau (Sinden)

The Dutchmen returned to Kitchener following the Olympics to resume their round-robin play in the OHA Senior A league. However, they did play an exhibition game against the Czechoslovakian national team on March 6 in Kitchener. The Czechoslovak national team played a 6-game tour of eastern Canada before returning to Czechoslovakia.

Here is the game account from that March 6 exhibition match:

Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen defeated the Czechoslovakian national team, 6-5, in an exhibition game Sunday afternoon in Kitchener before 2,684 patrons. It was the third successive loss for the Czechs in their 6-game tour of eastern Canada. They provided their best performance today in a see-saw game that saw the visitors take an early lead. The Dutchmen, who are playing in the Ontario Hockey Association Senior A round-robin with only 12 men after breaking up their Olympic squad, called on the Stratford Indians senior B team for a line, and on Chatham Maroons for a defenceman and a forward.

The old Billy Flick-Mickey Roth-Dinny Flanagan line, which played for the Dutchmen for many seasons, came back from Stratford and scored 2 goals. Gary Sharpe, a left-winger, and Jack Douglas, a defenceman, were also added from Chatham. One of the remaining dozen of the K-W squad was hurt when Bob Ertel was hit in the face with the puck from a point shot in the third period. Two of the Czechs were injured as well. Sub-goalie Josef Mikulas, who played well, was cut about the face in the second period. Josef Barta was cut on the head when he used his head to bank an angle shot by Frantisek Maslan for the fourth Czech goal.

The K-W goal scorers were: Bob Mader (2), Don Rope (1), Dinny Flanagan (1),
Bill Flick (1), Cliff Pennington (1).

The Czech goal scorers were: Jan Starsi (1), Miroslav Vlach (1), Josef Golonka (1),
Josef Barta (1), Josef Cerny (1).

An interesting story from March 1, 1960 following the K-W (Canada) loss to the United States team and settling for the silver medal at the Olympics (amid scathing criticism of the team from back home in Canada), had the K-W coach Bobby Bauer challenging the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL to a game with the Dutchmen under Olympic rules. He said his team would play the Leafs either in Toronto or Kitchener and all proceeds would go to charity. Bauer said: "The only condition I would want is that 2 referees with experience in international hockey handle the game. One of them should be Hughie Mclean, who was hailed as the finest referee ever to appear in the Olympics."

When Bauer was asked as to how the U.S. won the Olympic title from Canada, he responded: "It's time people woke up. The world is taking to our game and every year it will be a little tougher. As it was, we were only one goal away from winning the gold medal."

Now back in Toronto, Maple Leafs spokesman Harold Ballard laughed off the challenge from Bauer as a joke. Ballard commented: "They better win something
before they try to take on the Leafs. They messed up things pretty good down there at the Olympics. They better get some organization and co-operation in their own team before they challenge anybody. Plus I don't lnow why they're bothering with us. Why not play the Canadiens, they're in first place in our league."

Jukka, that is all from the 1960 K-W exhibition games. I have the complete game
summaries, but there is too much information for me to post here. If you should need them, please let me know and I can PM them to you.

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