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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Good post.

I'll concede that there wasn't some magical inexpensive free agent available to help out the defense, but I'm not convinced that Sherman has made the best moves he could under the circumstances in terms of rebuilding this defense. It's true that the respective failures of O'Byrne, Zanon, and O'Brien have made a tough situation that much worse, but I still don't think this situation was unavoidable.

I still don't think Sherman is the guy going forward--just too many moves that are still questionable and the complete mishandling of the O'Reilly situation (not to mention that he appears to share the same lack of accountability as everyone else in the organization) leave me with no confidence in his ability to make this club a winner. Admittedly he's made some good moves, but hell, pretty much ever move Scott Howson made his first two years on the job in Columbus worked out as well.

That said, if Sherman is moved out for yet another Lacroix crony, there's no point in changing GMs.
I think these are fair points. I can't truly disagree with any of them. I guess I'm coming off as the defacto Sherman defender, but I'm in no way above criticizing someone or something that I deem worthy of a large majority of blame, and that definitely includes the Avs brass if it's at a certain point of the rebuild.

I just think Sherman's done enough to warrant some patience with the overall plan and direction they're taking this team. I'd disagree with the comparison to Howson, as I think Sherman and the others have shown they have a plan in building this team, and an agression in terms of making trades (Varly, EJ, McGInn, Downie) and UFA's (PAP, Mitchell) that set him apart from most GM's.

Most GM's either lean more towards bringing in big names to make things happen short term, or are too patient expecting prospects to be the answer to all the teams problems. Sherman's done neither, and IMO that's the best approach. You have to tap into all avenues available, whether it's UFA on the right deals, or trades for guys you think are the right mix of player for the present and the future.

IMO he's done enough to be a little more patient with. The O'Reilly situation was a mess, but there was just so much going on there I don't think any of us have a true grasp of what went wrong, despite PL and this organization's tendency to get into those kind of principled disputes.

The D core this year sucks, but I'm fairly confident it can only be a short term problem, and in the end it won't be something that brings down the rebuild. That's really what I think is a fair way to judge Sherman's tenure. How he rebuilds this team into a contending team, and I think we're on a very good track. Despite some bumps in the road.

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