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03-18-2013, 01:43 AM
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I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or the trade rumors thread where I was talking about how the Avs can build a pretty damn good team if they can get Staz and O'Reilly signed long term around $5M per, but I thought this thread might be better to point out why I think Sherman has done a good job building the core of this team with Duchene, Landy, EJ. and Varly, and then building around it with good complimentary pieces like PAP, McGinn, Downie, Mitchell and such, leaving room for the last couple big pieces needed.

Here's just a fantasy look at a potential roster with cap hits for 2014-15 if the cap goes back up to what it is this year at $70.2M.

Remember this is just a fantasy roster. Don't focus on the names. Focus on the cap hits for the top players, and you can see that you can build a pretty damn good team. Especially if the cap continues to go up year after year which would just give the Avs more room.

Just a couple of notes, I've moved out David Jones somehow. Zanon walked as a UFA. Pominville resigned long term for his current salary as a soon to be 32 year old. Downie got a bit of a raise as a UFA with a decent amount of injury riddled seasons. Mitchell got a bit raise off his $1,1M, but feel free to replace him with whatever other type of player at that salary. Bordy and Olver got mini raises. Hunwick and Jiggy would be UFA's, but feel free to replace their names with any other player in that lesser role, who very likely could come cheaper. And McGinn and Landy got fair raises IMO. Everyone else is under contract at the numbers listed.

This is from CapGeek's Cap Calculator:

2014-15 Avalanche


Jamie McGinn ($3.500m) / Matt Duchene ($6.000m) / P-A Parenteau ($4.000m)
Gabriel Landeskog ($5.000m) / Paul Stastny ($5.000m) / Jason Pominville ($5.300m)
John Mitchell ($3.000m) / Ryan O'Reilly ($5.000m) / Steve Downie ($3.000m)
Patrick Bordeleau ($0.750m) / Brad Malone ($0.748m) / Cody McLeod ($1.150m)
Mitchell Heard ($0.925m) / Mark Olver ($0.750m) /


Keith Yandle ($5.250m) / Erik Johnson ($3.750m)
Jan Hejda ($3.250m) / Seth Jones ($3.500m)
Ryan Wilson ($2.250m) / Shane O'Brien ($2.000m)
Matt Hunwick ($1.600m) /


Semyon Varlamov ($5.000m)
Jean-Sebastien Giguere ($1.500m)

SALARY CAP: $70,200,000; CAP PAYROLL: $69,573,125; BONUSES: $132,500
CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $759,375

Remember, don't focus on the names or if it's likely they'll get them, just see that things are set up to be able to bring in some big money players, and give raises to the core guys at the same time. If they have to give Dutchy $6.5M they can work around that. If O'Reilly or Staz needs $5.25 or $5.5M they can work around that. If the LHD partner for EJ needs $6M they can work around that. If Staz won't resign at $5M, and/or O'Reilly needs more that's $5M from Stastny's salary to sign a center to play behind Dutchy and O'Reilly and they can do that. Or they can sign a cheaper guy and spread the money around more. If some of these other complimentary guys like McGinn, Mitchell, and Downie can't come at these prices, they can find ways to either give them a little more, or bring in good replacements at those prices.

Obviously if all of these situations needed more money it wouldn't work, but they are manageable given they can find cheaper versions of Jiggy and Hunwick, and the potential for the cap to be bigger and/or go up higher than the $70.2M this year.

This to me, even if you have to replace some of the other names with players that would come at these prices, it shows that this is the kind of lineup Sherman & Co are building toward with a mix of depth, top end talent, and reasonable prices. It all starts with building the basic core of center depth, a top pairing D, a #1 goalie, and then building around that with complimentary wingers.

They've done all that, and now they just need to find a way to fill out the finishing touches with some top end pieces in a scoring winger and another top pairing D, and they are set up financially to do so, even if they have to drop a bunch of money on the UFA market.

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