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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Yeah, Plante was the first one that came to mind.
Yes, though one would have to just naturally assume he wasnt the first to wander a bit, as its just human nature if playing goal to be inclined to do so. C58 above there cites' Hugh "Old Eagle Eyes" Lehman, born in the 1880's in Pembroke Ontario, who was considered one of the Greatest of his Epoch, Urban Legend having it that in a game in Ontario or possibly BC while playing in the old PCHA he actually skated the full length of the ice & scored a goal. There arent any reports in contemporaneous Vancouver newspapers to confirm it, and Im not even sure if it was legal even back then. Possibly so though... I rather fancy the image of some wiry, balled up angry old coot in cricket pads & cheesecutters so mad at the planet that he'd go psycho & charge the other end like that.... in the early days, the position was played obviously in a different manner, more stick work required, so sure, guys like Lehman mustve been pretty proficient that way. But Plante, he was the first to really step out & use it tactically in the more modern game.

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