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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
Does anyone else feel like there is still another level possible with Duchene? You really have to watch him play every night to notice it though.

Honestly, if he improved his shot on top of all this stuff hes doing. It almost feels like he could hit Stamkos's level.

There is just so many games that for all the scoring chances he gets, he misses like 3 of 5 or more of them.

I find myself thinking almost every other game, "He could have easily had a hat trick or better tonight"

This isn't a slight on him, just interesting because of the level hes already brought himself to. I don't think we have seen him hit his full potential yet.

Obviously O'Reilly has improved his shot quite a bit since breaking in, so I think it's possible with Duchene as well.

Duchene is on a 23 goal pace this season, which translates to a 39 goal pace over 82 games. With a little improvement he could be burying even more chances. It's impressive, and interesting to think that he still has more upside than what we have seen this season.
Yes definitely. I feel like he could have a season where games like the last few would be the norm ,and he'd have a few that were just off the charts.

I think as good as he's been, and as confident he's been playing, he's still building on that confidence in playing the right way. Not necessarily in his skills, he's always had confidence in that, but confidence in playing the way he has this season by being patient instead of just flying all over the ice, and in using his linemates more with quick passes, or set up plays, instead of trying to do everything himself.

The more confidence he builds in his mind about that being the best way to play, the better he can be.

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