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03-18-2013, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post

Our defence is 100% healthy, both starting goalies are healthy, the entire first line is healthy, we are missing Kesler which is big but every team loses a guy like him during a season, Booth who has given us nothing production wise, and Kassian who has been relegated to grinder status and hasn't scored in 6 weeks.

Even with those couple injuries we shouldn't be playing the way we are, yes our GM has brought in terrible depth players but I still expect us to win games based on a healthy D, good goaltending and out first line.
I think this is the first time I've agreed with N.H.F. in recent memory. People are making a lot of excuses for this team right now, and that we're injured is one of them. Sure, losing most of your second line is gonna sting, but as mentioned the entire rest of the team is healthy, and we shouldn't be spiraling out of control and playing with so little confidence just because we're missing Kesler.

This is as mentally weak as I've seen this team since that 8-game losing streak back in 2008, which Burrows ended by scoring on Carolina. Remember him (trying to) break his stick on his knee? We really need something to bring this team together. The Canucks need an identity again. We've lost ours.

This team hasn't really been the same since winning that game against Boston in the middle of last season. It deflated us to get "revenge" on them. All the passion evaporated.

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