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03-18-2013, 04:26 AM
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Man these guys put on a great show.


-Matt Bellamy tossing his guitar in the crowd during Uprising. Started a frenzy that ended with about 60 people on the floor. Matt looked back all apologetically like "I should've known that **** would happen" luckily I was right outside the vicinity of it.

-Unsustainable is not my favorite song by any stretch, but seeing it performed live is seriously amazing. Bass was so heavy.

-All the lights were incredible. The stage set up was awesome. Not as bombastic as the stage on the Resistance tour. More intimate this way.

-Supremacy is an awesome song to listen to live. So is Knights of Cydonia. The crowd was going wild.

-Always amazing to me how few songs the fans actually know. Blows my mind that these people will sit in line for 5 hours to be able to stand for another 5 hours to watch a band to whom they only know the lyrics to like 3 or 4 songs.

-Dead Sara may not be my thing, but she's the first frontwoman I've ever seen that had a natural rocker swagger. Haley Williams and others force it and act like they're badass...the "I can rock as hard as any guy" attitude. This girl can sing, entertain, and she really can rock as hard as pretty much any guy...looking at some of today's pop punk bands, probably harder.

-The electro-bass used in Madness is really something to see.

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