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03-18-2013, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Drew311 View Post
Nice observation. I hadn't noticed how many players St. Louis have to re-sign, and the majority are in-line for big raises. Blues fans will tell you that they'll have no trouble bringing everyone back (and I expect one to chime in within 10 minutes), but considering they are a budget team, they'll have some really tough decisions to make.


That's potentially 15 million in raises, which would put them around 55 million for 18 players. That's a pretty good situation to be in for most teams, the question is will the Blues ownership be willing to spend close to the cap.
A little later than 10 minutes This really isn't as difficult for the Blues as a lot of people think it is going to be.

Pietrangelo @ $6.25m (these are cap hits)
Shattenkirk @ $4.75m
Berglund @ $3.8m (Perron contract)
Stewart @ $4.25m
Cole @ $1.75m (he hasn't shown enough for more yet)
Russell @ $1.5m
Allen @ $1.25m
Lehterä @ $2.25m

If Armstrong does his usual type of contracts, then our salary bill would be in the range of $54.5m with only the a partner for Pietrangelo to add to complete the 23 man roster. We spent $55m last season.

Ultimately, a winger is going to be traded though; we are going to have to make space for Jaškin on the roster. Whether we do that in the offseason, next trade deadline or the summer of 2014 is the question though.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
It won't be easy to keep all their core players.

I think a guy like Perron is attainable.
He might be, but we'd need a partner for Pietrangelo coming back.

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