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Originally Posted by Hoser View Post
I think you raise an interesting point regarding the fact that a quarter of the league wore orange as a 'dark' colour, but your math is a little off. The Jets, Aeros, Fighting Saints and Nordiques all wore blue. (The Nordiques' shade was much lighter.)

Still, when you think about jersey colours there are two particular old stand-bys: blue and red. In the WHA's first season half the league wore either blue or red. The Blazers, Oilers and Raiders wore orange, the Whalers wore green, the Cougars wore yellow and the Crusaders wore purple. By contrast well over half the NHL at the time wore blue or red: Rangers, Maple Leafs, Blues, Canucks, Sabres, Islanders and Penguins wore blue (although the Penguins' blue was a light blue); Canadiens, Black Hawks, Red Wings and Flames wore red. Only the North Stars, Seals, Kings, Flyers and Bruins wore something else.
Oops, I did blank out on the number of teams wearing blue in the WHA's first year, you're right.

Interesting that with 30 teams now, there is seemingly less variety in dark jersey colors in the NHL. You have ten teams with blue and ten with red. That's 2/3 of the league right there. Then 5 with black. That leaves Colorado (maroon), Phoenix (maroon), Philly (orange), San Jose (teal) and Nashville (yellow) as the only outliers. Not much variety, and NO green or purple!

Of course, third/alternate jerseys add a whole new wrinkle to the comparison, and increases the number of black jerseys by 5 and the number of blue jerseys by 2. And only in the alternates can you have a purple (Kings) or green (Minnesota). The monochrome NHL!

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