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03-18-2013, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
It seems like Sudbury is set for Dmen next year, with Corbett, Raine, Cummins, DeHaan, Genovese, Eccles, Prong, McFadden. They may have to pick up a veteran dman via trade just to play it safe.

So, I guess they will be picking a forward and with the 7th spot overall, they may be able to get Korostolev,or Mackenzie or Crouse, whoever is still left. That is a very positive start for next year.
Agree. They may be able to get an elite d-men via trading their import picks (already have two returning) and some of their current 2013 priority draft picks + a few of the 95's that they have an abundance of. BS always says they like to have their players age spread out from 1st year to 4th/5ht year players. ie. 3-4 '95's and 3-4 '94's, etc. Currently they have 7 born '95s.

With what is available to barter with they might be able to gain quality OA's as well with Kantor and Dodero gone.

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