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08-01-2006, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
Really depends...but the 'D' or low level league I play in is pretty competitive and there are good players, some of which might be considered ringers IMO. But you'll also find people in the same boat as you. But it's the lowest league I can go, but you'll pick things up fast when playing against good competition. If you are really worried, take some classes. I think most importantly, you should learn positioning, and skating. With those basics, you can hold your own while your shot and stick work come along.

For gear, find what fits you the best. Don't worry about cost...I started out with cheap stuff and found I wanted to upgrade really soon. And if you find the fit good on one product, think about the protection and maybe considering moving up a notch (maybe you like the fit of the Bauer 400 elbow pads, but would getting the 4000 be more beneficial if you fall a lot?) Beginners sometimes have their own issues...I busted my butt one too many times and found a need for better pants especially. But you can skimp on maybe shoulder pads since the league is most likely no-checking. You can probably start out with wooden sticks too since they are cheaper...but you might find out you like the one-piece composites too. But maybe ask around and see if you can borrow one before buying. I found I liked the composite stick feel better and found a good deal...but if wood works for you, you can save some bucks there too. I think the most important thing is skates. Make sure the ones you get are perfect for you...if the skate doesn't fit, you'll hate skating and practicing, plus your feet will kill. And again, don't skimp cause you might find you'll wanna upgrade sooner. And the durability seems to be better with the nicer skates, they stay stiff longer, offer more proteciton, and have nicer holders, etc. Go to your local hockey store and look around and ask for help too. I also found out that buying online as a first timer isn't a good idea. Buying online once you find what works well for you is fine..but as a noob, don't do it unless you are absolutely sure it's what you want. That being said, don't use your hockey store as a fitting room either. Hope that answers your questions...once you start playing, you can't stop, hockey is really addicting, hope you have fun. Lemme know, or PM me if you got questions that can make things smoother!
Excellent advice.

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