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Originally Posted by SoundAndFury View Post
I think this season was a "complete Filatov" meaning there were some dominant games with flashes of true brilliance on the ice but you have to take good with the bad with Filatov so there was inconsistency, attitude problems, lack of effort and demotions to the 4th line as well.
one thing to add to complete the picture is, some demotions and lack of icetime were only due to ******** coaching.

I've rarely seen worse icetime management than under previous Salavat coach.

I've seen Filatov being the best player on the ice and getting barely played as a 'reward'.
If you factor in his icetime, his stats are actually pretty good, second best on the team only behind Mirnov, who got way more PP opportunities though.

You can then add his off games, or even off weeks, and see that when he plays up to his capabilities he is good for KHL and produces. Of course that's also a reason why he struggles to get more icetime:
sometimes crapped the bed when given bigger opportunity, sometimes just being abysmal for a little while (Spengler Cup).. that really hurts his stock in the roster depth chart and he ends up paying the price for it when playing really well and still getting under-utilized/misused (no PP or off his position).

Btw, anyone got infos about his frequent scratches? sometimes it happened after good games, so one has to wonder how many where performances related, how many health related, and how many attitude related (was this a problem this season? i see you're mentioning it.. not sure if it's been reported or just wild guessing on your part).

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